• Rezky Yulisari


REZKY YULISARI. 2020. Analysis of Credit Channeling Systems and Procedures at PT BPR Hasamitra Branch Daya is quided by Dr. Hasanuddin Remmang, SE., M.Si. and Indrayani Nur, S.Pd SE., M.Si.

The key to the success of bank management is how the bank can best serve those who have excess money and save their money in the form of demand deposits, deposits and savings, as well as serving the needs of public money through providing credit. The purpose of  this study was to identify and analyze the systems and procedures for credit distribution conducted at BPR. Hasamitra Branch Daya.

To implement these objectives, data collection techniques through observation, interview and documentation techniques are used. The analytical method used is descriptive analysis and credit risk analysis.

The results showed that the application of credit distribution systems and procedures carried out by PT. BPR Hasamitra Cabang Daya, which  shows that the implementation of credit disbursement is still in the poor category because of the lack of supervision in the implementation of credit distribution. From the analysis of the level of credit risk using the NPL ratio, it appears that the NPL ratio for 2018 has decreased, while in 2019 it has increased. This means  that there is still a lack of supervision carried out by the Credit Department in lending

Feb 28, 2021
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